In the fast moving world of IT, Brightwell Computers Limited will make sure you are getting the most from your IT investments.

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Our services include:


Data Networks

Our tried and tested methods in data communications keep you connected with securely and reliably.

We have accumulated years of experience with:

Internet Connectivity

The life blood of any business. We make sure you are connected by the fastest, most secure and reliable means.

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✔ SoGEA / FTTC / FTTP / Leased Lines
✔ 4G, Cable, Satellite & Starlink
✔ Failover solutions to keep you online
✔ Firewall configuration
✔ Content filtering
✔ Secure site-to-site links


Tired of "not spots"? We can help! We have the know how to provide you with Wi-Fi wherever you need it.

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✔ 2.4GHz & 5GHz solutions
✔ Guest internet access
✔ MESH Wi-Fi
✔ Building-to-Building connectivity
✔ Outdoor Wi-Fi
✔ Wide area coverage / outdoor events

Structured Cabling

Wi-Fi technology is constantly improving, but sometimes it just isn't enough.
Installing a well designed, structured, physical network forms the backbone of business networks and will always deliver if Wi-Fi cannot.

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✔ CAT5e, CAT6 & Fibre
✔ Internal & External
✔ Fault finding

Remote Worker Solutions

If your employees need to work from remote locations, we have the solutions.

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✔ Collaborative working
✔ Virtual Private Networks (VPN's)
✔ Remote access software

Data Security

It is crucial that your data remains secure, yet accessible,
when and where you and your teams need it. We can achieve this with:

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✔ Resilient storage solutions
✔ Managed backup solutions
✔ Managed virus & malware protection
✔ Managed file permissions
✔ Cloud data storage
✔ Data destruction

Web Services

If you do not currently benefit from the 'cloud' and are looking to migrate your IT systems, we can help.

Outlined below are the internet related services we offer:

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✔ Microsoft Office 365 / OneDrive / SharePoint / Teams
✔ Dropbox
✔ Cloud backup solutions
✔ Domain name registration
✔ Website and E-mail hosting
✔ SSL certificates
✔ Website development
✔ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Repairs & Upgrades

If you have a device that is not running at its optimum, we are here to help.

Our engineers can perform various diagnostics and repairs remotely, where appropriate.

When we need to physically work on a device, we provide on-site repairs and upgrades, a collect and return service, or your device can be booked in to and brought to our fully equipped workshop.

All work is quoted for before we start. Examples of common repairs and upgrades include:

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✔ RAM upgrades
✔ SSD upgrades
✔ Data recovery
✔ Data transfer
✔ Reinstallation of operating system
✔ Virus & malware removal
✔ Non-booting devices
✔ Laptop screen replacement
✔ Software upgrades
✔ Unresponsive or slow performance

Our experienced engineers will advise on the best options available and have you up to speed as quickly as possible.

Office Moves

If you are moving premises, we can assist with office relocations. Through careful planning, we keep disruption and downtime of your systems to an absolute minimum.

If you would like discuss your requirements or any of our services in more detail, please contact us for further information.

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