Mercedes Benz S Class

  • The Mercedes Benz prestige marque.
  • Seats up to four passengers in supreme comfort and exceptional space.
  • Long wheelbase gives an extra six inches room to rear seat passengers.
  • Luxury automatic climate control system offers dual-zone temperature settings and three ventilation modes - particularly effective if there is a significant difference between the inside and outside temperatures.
  • The suspension is the cornerstone of the car’s impeccable ride and handling quality - continuously adjusts the shock absorption to match the road surface which helps keep the car level and balanced throughout your journey, enhancing comfort, stability and safety.

S Class Exterior
S Class Interior

Mercedes Benz E Class

  • Premium Mercedes Benz saloon.
  • Seats up to four passengers in luxury accomodation.
  • Comfort levels are exceptional with generous headroom and legroom for all occupants, plus ergonomic seating to ease the strain of long journeys.
  • Advanced aero--dynamics mean a quiet passenger compartment even at high speeds.

E Class Exterior
E Class Interior

Mercedes Benz Viano

  • Versatile accomodation for up to seven passengers.
  • Well thought out, spacious interior, with particular attention paid to ergonomics, comfort and capacity.
  • Seats offer maximum comfort even on the longest journeys.
  • All seats are ergonomically designed and have three-point seatbelts.
  • Single passenger seats have armrests and adjustable backrests. They move forward or back to give you a more flexible space and passengers plenty of legroom where they need it.
  • Semi-automatic climate control system keeps you in optimum comfort.
  • Innovative equipment, including a folding table and a cool box for long journeys.

Viano Exterior
Viano Interior